Chin Implants

Chin Implants & Augmentation in San Francisco

Chin Augmentation

An area that can cause significant imbalance to the overall appearance of the face is the chin. A small or short chin can cause the neck to look less defined and create an illusion of having a larger nose.

Chin augmentation is often accomplished using an implant. Dr. Kim places the chin implant through a small incision below the chin. A soft biocompatible chin implant is placed and secured in front of the lower jaw.

San Francisco facial plastic surgeon, Dr. David Kim, discusses facial implants and chin augmentation at his renowned cosmetic surgery practice.

In contrast to chin augmentation, a prominent or long chin can make the upper face look sunken and the nose look small. Even small changes in the size of the chin can result in a very noticeable improvement in the overall balance of the face.