Male Rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty in San Francisco

About 25 percent of the rhinoplasties Dr. Kim performs are on men. Many plastic surgeons choose not to perform male rhinoplasty as they believe the male patient to be more likely to be dissatisfied with surgery. This may be due to the fact that some surgeons use very similar techniques for different types of patients. If that is the case and a surgeon follows a traditional “reduction” approach to a male nose, in which the bridge is lowered and the tip is lifted and narrowed, there may be a tendency to feminize a male nose. Dr. Kim believes the male nose must be approached with sensitivity to masculine traits that look most natural on a man. The bridge should remain higher compared to a female nose with the ideal contour to be straight or even slightly convex. The tip should not angle too high and stay fairly horizontal or slightly above as it projects from the upper lip. And the nose in general should not be too narrowed or pinched. Within these guidelines, Dr. Kim will adjust his plan based on his patient’s unique features and goals, but always with the natural male aesthetic in mind.

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