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Buccal fat reduction in San Francisco

Buccal Fat Reduction

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Buccal fat reduction in San Francisco

Buccal Fat Reduction

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Buccal Fat Reduction
in San Francisco

Overly full cheeks can make both men and women appear heavier and affect their facial contour. Buccal fat reduction reduces excess fat under the cheekbones to sculpt and slim the face. Amit Arunkumar, M.D., is a Park-Avenue-trained and board-certified facial plastic surgeon who offers buccal fat reduction in San Francisco.

“The only person I’d trust with my face is Dr. Arunkumar… [He’s] Simply the best. I’ll be staying with him forever.”
– John Grinnan

“Dr. Arunkumar made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole process of my buccal fat reduction – recovery was minimal, hardly any pain and the aftercare was simple. My biggest concern with the procedure was having too much removed and subsequently looking gaunt (as seen in some celebrities lately) but I feel my results have slimmed my face and accentuated my cheekbones without aging or drastically changing my overall look. The results are subtle enough that no one has openly commented on the change, yet I definitely notice the difference. If a friend in the area were looking to do this procedure I would absolutely recommend Dr. Arunkumar.”

What Is Buccal Fat Reduction?

The buccal fat pads sit under the cheekbones on either side of the face between the facial muscles. The size of these fat pads influences the shape of the face. Buccal fat reduction, or cheek reduction surgery, reduces the excess to contour the cheeks and lower face. Younger and older patients alike often seek this procedure to highlight their cheekbones. Patients undergoing a deep plane facelift or other facial contouring procedures often choose to address the buccal fat pads to help with facial balancing and correct drooping or sagging buccal fat pads.

Buccal fat reduction benefits include:

  • Increased cheekbone definition
  • More defined facial contours
  • A youthful facial appearance
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • No scarring or incision lines
  • A minimally invasive procedure with local anesthesia
  • The removed fat cells cannot grow back

Cheek fullness is frustrating for many patients because diet and exercise often will not affect the fat pads in the cheeks. Buccal fat can remain in place or enlarged in certain patients despite significant weight loss or advanced aging. For these patients, buccal fat reduction is especially helpful in facial contouring.

Candidates for Buccal Fat Reduction

Patients interested in buccal fat reduction often desire a slimmer, contoured facial shape with more definition. They should be at a healthy and stable weight for best results.

Patients must be at least 18 or older for buccal fat reduction because the fat pads and facial shape change as the face matures, and many young people with round faces experience improved facial definition with age. Older patients may consider combining buccal fat reduction with a deep plane facelift to avoid sagging in the lower face.

San Francisco buccal fat removal

Prior to Your Buccal Fat Reduction Procedure

During your consultation with Dr. Arunkumar, he will discuss your goals, perform a physical examination, and review your medical history. Based on a comprehensive assessment, Dr. Arunkumar will help you determine whether a buccal fat reduction would help achieve your desired results. A deep neck lift is often requested in conjunction with a buccal fat reduction to slim and contour both areas for optimal rejuvenation.

If you are a good candidate for buccal fat reduction, our team will schedule your pre-operative and surgical dates. Dr. Arunkumar will discuss your anesthesia options and provide instructions for pre-and post-operative care, such as not eating or drinking after midnight and bringing a loved one with you on the day of your procedure.

Buccal Fat Reduction Procedure

San Francisco buccal fat plastic surgeon Dr. Arunkumar performs buccal fat reduction either under local anesthesia in the office setting or under sedation or general anesthesia in the operating room setting, depending on patient preference and any planned concurrent facial balancing procedures.

The buccal fat pads are about the size of a walnut and are situated in the cheeks. After numbing the tissues, Dr. Arunkumar makes a small incision inside the mouth to access the fat pads on each side. He reduces the size of the buccal fat and closes the incisions, concealing markings inside the mouth. There are no external incisions required.

Buccal fat reduction takes approximately 30 minutes if it is performed as a standalone procedure.

Buccal Fat Reduction Recovery

There is minimal downtime after buccal fat reduction. Many patients resume working or social activities within three to five days. Dr. Arunkumar recommends patients eat soft foods for the first two days and avoid heavy lifting or vigorous exercise for one to two weeks. Some swelling is expected, and Tylenol and cold compresses can manage discomfort during recovery. It may take several weeks to see the final result from buccal fat reduction.

Buccal Fat Reduction Results

Patients will notice more cheek definition two to three weeks after buccal fat reduction when swelling subsides with continued improvement as the tissues heal. Buccal fat reduction results are permanent because the removed fat cells will not grow back.

Why Choose Dr. Arunkumar in San Francisco

Dr. Amit Arunkumar is a UCSF-Medical-School-educated and Columbia-University-instructed plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation for exceeding patient expectations and is known for his caring bedside manner and thoughtful approach to facial rejuvenation.

If you’re interested in buccal fat reduction, contact Dr. Arunkumar in San Francisco, California. Please book an appointment online or schedule a consultation at (415) 773-0800.