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You Are As Beautiful As You Feel


We are so blessed to have amazing, beautiful, warm hearted patients in our practice. It is a true blessing to be able to assist patients in making them look better and feel better about themselves. What really surprises me at times is how hard some of us can be on ourselves. I see gorgeous patients walk in not satisfied with what they see, or blurt out how unattractive or wrong they look. It breaks my heart to see some amazingly beautiful women come through who see something completely the opposite of what I do.

Being satisfied with what you see on the outside is only half the battle. How patients feel about themselves really does impact the way they look to the outside world. Stress and other negative feelings impact your sleep, blood flow, food choices, expression and overall radiance. Your body does respond to you! Our feelings about how we feel can only be changed so much by the outside appearance. As a practitioner in this industry, I have seen amazing

transformations not with cosmetic surgery or non-invasive procedures but through emotional well being.  I see patient’s come through my door and the minute they walk in I can guess if something good had happened. “Are you in love?” or “Did something good happen? You look so happy. You look amazing!” Happiness in your life and your soul really do manifest into physical attractiveness. What we do in this office is to facilitate that inner well being but also to create relationships to support the inner you.

Each and every one of us has a unique beauty which is enhanced by your emotional state and the relationship you have with yourself. Our practice is here to support your physical and emotional well being. It is a fine balance. The last thing we can do is promise you emotional well being by the services we provide, but to remind you and support you in the journey to nurture and treat yourself well.