Top 3 Filler Fears and Myths

Myth number 1: I will look overdone.

Not true! Unfortunately, our eyes are drawn to the “overfilled,” unnatural results that we see in celebrities and in people around us. But, the best filler results are those that we don’t even realize ARE filler. My patients are frequently told things like, “You have amazing skin!” or “You look so well-rested!” after they get filler. This is because I strive to give my patients NATURAL results, by focusing on small changes that subtly enhance their appearance.

Myth number 2: Filler is expensive.

Filler does often require a higher up-front cost than, say, Botox. However, over the course of time, it is a surprisingly great value. Depending on the area injected and the quantity used, filler can even last 1-2 years. Plus, when done again, it’s common to use a little less filler and get even longer results on your 2nd, 3rd, etc. treatments. So, while it’s not exactly cheap, it shouldn’t be any more expensive over time than your daily caffeine fix.

Myth number 3: I’m too young for filler.

This is what I would consider an “old school” way of thinking about filler and I completely understand where it comes from. In the early days of filler, our focus was largely on smoothing out lines and folds in the lower face. Not only was this approach more geared toward an older crowd, it also created some pretty bizarre looks (think puffy, monkey-like mouths). Happily, filler has come a long way from those days. Now, in addition to treating signs of aging all over the face (not just around the mouth), filler is used to PREVENT signs of aging. It is also excellent for minimizing minor imperfections and emphasizing your best features – both things that are not necessarily caused by the aging process. In the right hands, filler can help you look and feel your very best, no matter what your age!