The sunny weather is here… you MUST protect your skin…

Now that the weather is starting to get nice again, it’s natural for us to start to think about getting outside more…. BUT before we get out the swimsuits and golf clubs, we should all remember to protect the most “sun-vulnerable” part of our body….our skin! Not only is our skin our protection against the elements, it is also our largest organ (by mass and surface area).  And nowhere on our skin is the damaging effects of sun exposure more apparent than on our faces.

THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in protecting our facial skin is a good, broad-spectrum physical sun-block. A physical sun-block provides a mechanical barrier to UV light, dispersing the damaging UV rays.  Zinc or titanium molecules in the physical sun-block provides the protection.  Chemical sunblocks are an alternative, but these work by actually absorbing the UV rays to prevent the skin from being exposed to them.  This has the side-effect of creating heat, creating free radicals (which can actually cause skin aging), and irritation to sensitive skin.  While a physical block does not cause these problems, some find the white pasty appearance and thick texture of the physical blocks to be unappealing.

We offer a great solution to provide the superior protection of a strong physical block without the thick white pasty consistency.  Our line of Dr. Kim anti-aging physical sun-block is zinc and titanium fortified and contains several powerful anti-aging anti-oxidants.  It is prepared as a soft, thin emollient preparation with a natural crème light matte finish rather than a thick goopy feel.  Our patients have been really happy with this product and find it easy to use on a daily basis in conjunction with their normal skin care products.  For more information about this product please contact our office at or at 415-773-0800.

Next blog….once your skin becomes sun-damaged, what can you do?”