The Structural Approach to Rhinoplasty – Part 7The Structural Approach to Rhinoplasty – Part 7

What do predictable rhinoplasty results rely on? Nasal tip base stabilization is a technique in structural rhinoplasty where the tripod, instead of relying on scar contraction to find its final position it relies on graphing. For example cartilage would be placed between the inner limbs of the tripod, the tripod released from its connection to the septum and resutured onto a midline anchor point to set the tip to the correct position. This mobilization and fixation creates a much more predictable outcome.

Nasal tip sculpting is another aspect of tip surgery. Traditional techniques would rely on destructive methods of creating that form. The tip should remain strong and well balanced with a triangular face and appropriate proportions. Don’t always think of reductive surgery.