Rhinoplasty – The Structural Approach To Rhinoplasty – Part 6

The middle vault is the part of the bridge that resides in the central portion of the nose, it often needs to be altered in order to make the area straighter or reduce a hump on the nose. The middle vault is a very important area in regards to structural rhinoplasty. Most commonly problems happen when removing a hump on the nose, which is often an excess of cartilage. If nothing is done except to let the body heal on its own an inverted v often occurs if the central portion of the nose isn’t supported. Sometimes the hump isn’t removed and a better option is to mask the hump by placing cartilage above it. Dr. Kim illustrates the video with actual before and after photos of patients.

Nasal tip position – weakening the nasal tip support can lead to an unpredictable tip position.