Rhinoplasty Alar Base Reduction: A Tale of Two Patients

One day a few weeks ago, I performed 2 rhinoplasties back to back on two very different patients.  One was an Asian woman in her late 60’s and the other a young Latino man in his early 20’s.  As you can imagine, their noses were quite different from one another, but they did share a common feature: excess nostril base (or alar) flare.  The roundness of the nostril base as it attaches to the face can make a nose look wide and overly prominent.  Alar flare reduction is a fantastic rhinoplasty technique which can create refinement at the nostril base, potentially making the nose look better proportioned and defined.  The very different backgrounds of my two patients speaks to the fact that rhinoplasty in general, (and alar base reduction specifically), another alar base reduction patient of mine.  The after images reveal a better proportioned and more symmetrical nose with effectively invisible scars. For additional information please check out my you tube video on the alar rim graft.

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