Nothing Can Replace A Facelift…

A patients asked me the question, “Is there a non-surgical face lift that works?”

I am in my early 50s with drooping facial features.  I pray that someone tells me that a non surgery face lift is available — alternative that doesn’t require going through lots of recovery.  Maybe I can get away with treating using filling with things like Restylane?

My answer to her was “Nothing can replace a face-lift”

There are alternatives such as fillers (“liquid facelift”), skin resurfacing and good skin care (we have a fabulous new anti-aging skincare line, inquire in the office) but nothing can replace the repositioning, lifting, and fixation that occurs during a facelift. You can think of a face-lift as a “curative” treatment while some other non-surgical approaches are more “band-aid” solutions.

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