Maintenance with IPL * Be Proactive!*

Patients come to our office with various concerns and hope that we have one or two treatment solutions for them. In reality, patients have a lot of say with how much prevention they can take part in their aging and skin is the #1 area that the rest of the world sees first.
Sunscreen, water, dietary nutrients and retinol use are all essential when it comes to minimizing the effects of aging. What patients also don’t realize is that IPL  (intense pulse light) to stimulate collagen and elastin can play a huge part in maintenance and not just for removing sun spots or pigmentation.

SR/SRA is a unique IPL system that we carry in our office that has both dual benefits of LIGHT and RADIOFREQUENCY. Most IPL machines only emit light or skin tightening machines only have radiofrequency. The great thing about our IPL system is that you get the best of both worlds. The light will effectively target areas of pigment while radiofrequency will heat deep within the dermis to encourage blood flow and collagen regeneration.

Treatments are spaced 1 month apart to keep your body from slacking off and encouraging blood flow to vital cells that require it for survival. Patients who regularly have IPL treatments have even pigmentation, glowing skin, soft texture and improved bounce in their skin!
BE proactive with your skin, help your body regenerate and encourage skin renewal with IPL treatments. Our office is here to support you in assisting your body for maintaining.

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