Looking Great Without Looking “Done”

One of the most frequent concerns that new patients express to me during our initial consultation is, “I want to look natural. I’m really scared I’ll look like I’ve had something done.”
This concern, though understandably a source of anxiety for my patients, is actually music to my ears! Let me explain what I mean:

First, I *also* don’t want you to look like you’ve “had something done.” The fact that you feel the same lets me know that we are both on the same page and are a likely good match for each other. My goal is to help enhance patients’ inherent beauty, NOT make them look like someone else entirely.

Second, communication is key to our new — and ongoing — relationship. I want to know what your goals and fears are, and want you to feel comfortable expressing them to me. Similarly, I will always be honest with you about what I feel is possible (and desirable) to achieve with your face and skin. If I don’t feel a particular treatment is right for you, I will not hesitate to let you know.

Last, looking natural is a reasonable, realistic expectation. The field of facial aesthetics has grown A LOT over the past 10 and even 5 years. Now, more than ever, we are capable of making subtle, yet impactful changes to the face to improve your perceived age and attractiveness. No longer is it necessary to make dramatic, often disharmonious, changes to your appearance.

When patients come back to see me after receiving a treatment, they report receiving questions and comments such as, “What is your secret to glowing skin?” or “You look so well-rested!” or “You’ve obviously been taking care of your health.” These are the best kind of compliments and let us know we are on the right track to achieving our mutual goal of helping you look and feel your best! To book your consultation with Lisa Leung, the Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner or Dr. David Kim, the Facial Plastic Surgeon please contact us today: 415-773-0800

By Lisa Leung, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner