Give Me Time To Heal

Our practice is dedicated to supporting patients and we get so excited before big events. Priority is to ensure that you look your best for that special event such as weddings, engagement photos, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations!…….so please allow yourself the time to heal! Some of our procedures can cause downtime or potential bruising, peeling, redness and full results revolve over time. The more time we have prior to your event the safer it is to ensure that you get the results you are looking for. Having adequate time to heal will also decrease pressure that time is knocking on your door and minimize anxiety.

Here is a quick recommended minimal time prior to big events:

  • YOUR Wedding: 6 months! This is probably the biggest day of your life. We want to make sure you are happy with your results so that we have an idea to create it should you need a touch up along the way. Just like you wouldn’t dye your hair close to the wedding and *gasp* have it come out to be the color you didn’t have in mind.
  • Engagement Photos: Almost like another wedding! These are photographs that you will keep with you for life. 6 months would be ideal but absolutely minimally a month before
  • Special Occasions (Birthdays, Wedding Guest, Special Appearances): 1 month before. This gives us time to adequately assess you and make recommendations based on your upcoming event. Whether it be injectables, peels or a laser procedure, a month is plenty of time for us to work with you and allow you to heal.  This is still the minimal amount of time, so a laser/light procedure that may have best results at 3-4 months would not show within a month.


Feel free to call our office if you want to discuss special events (415) 772-0800! Remember, being prepared ahead of time helps your practitioner and you decide on the best course of action without eliminating certain procedures that you may be a candidate for.