Fixing A Crooked Nose – Rhinoplasty

A crooked nose feels very obvious. The eye can pick up a crooked nose very easily because we see variations in light and shadows quite easily. The two lines that run from beneath the brow bone down to the edge of the nose tip should be aligned and unbroken as well as parallel. This will create a symmetrical appearance to the nose. In this video there is an example of a gentleman who has a nasal fracture and the brow tip line has been shifted over to his right. He has a deep shadow on the left side of his nose. A young woman who was hit by a surf board has a crooked deformity in the lower half of her nose. Her cartilage portion has an indention and her brow tip line is disrupted. Sometimes it is facial asymmetry that can make a crooked nose look worse. Dr. Kim shows an example of a woman who had her nose straightened relative to her eyes and there is an overall better appearance. The anatomy of the crooked nose has a lot to do with the nasal septum. The septum is seated and surrounded by the boney structure and the cartilage. The bone has great bearing on the position of the rest of the nose. In treating upper deformities caused by nasal fractures or boning problems he makes precise cuts in the bone and reshapes or repositions the bone into a more appropriate position. If it is a problem with the septum you may have to place cartilage grafting on one side to camouflage or shift the septum over.

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