Fat Transfer vs Sculptra


I am a 43-year-old triathlete looking to replenish volume to my face. After consulting with several plastic surgeons, most recommended fat transfer and one recommended Sculptra. I am hesitant to have fat transfer because of its unpredictability, high cost, and the fact I don’t seem to retain fat very well on my face or body.

I am considering Sculptra (realizing it is temporary and would require touch-ups), as I have noticed several reputable plastic surgeons advertising it. My concern with Sculptra is the lumps it has been known to cause. Any comments or opinions on Sculptra would be very helpful.

A:  FAT TRANSFER and SCULPTRA can work well, but both can cause problems

Fat transfer typically leads to partial long-term fill. Some of the fat get reasbsorbed by your body and some will survive. So there may not be a uniform contour by the time all is said and done. Sculptra can also lead to bumpiness, but i have found it to be much less than fat, particularly if the Sculptra is diluted and injected a bit deeper into the tissue.