Facial & Neck Liposuction

Facial & Neck Liposuction in San Francisco

Excess pockets of fat on areas of the face and neck beneath the chin can be removed through Facial Suction Lipectomy (liposuction). After the facial fat removal, the overlying skin shrinks to create a contoured appearance. The fat cells removed will not reappear, as fat cells do not multiply in quantity but rather in size. This will remove any “double chin” or “turkey neck” that many male and female patients notice develops with age. “Jowls” or excess skin and fat in the cheek area can also increase with a patient’s age or weight gain. Facial liposculpture is a perfect option for many patients seeking a more defined and youthful face.

In some cases, when there is excess or sagging skin in the area of the facial or neck fat removal, it may be desirable to also perform a face lift or neck lift in San Francisco. Dr. Kim can consult with you on the most desirable options for your own unique situation and neck liposculpture or facial liposculpture procedure. San Francisco forehead lift patients also tend to undergo facial or neck liposculpture to create an overall defined face.


Dr. Kim makes a very small incision in the neck for facial region to gain access to the treatment area. He then suctions out the unwanted fat and expertly sculpts the face or neck to for the desired results. The entire procedure usually takes 30 minutes to an hour and only requires light sedation. If you choose to undergo additional procedures during your surgery, it will require more time and possibly more anesthesia. Depending on the patient, many neck liposculpture and facial liposculpture procedures require no skin removal because the skin is able to tighten on its own.


After the procedure, a snug dressing is wrapped around the face and neck. It is removed the next day, although you may be advised to wear a ‘chinstrap’ for a few days and for several weeks at night. Some bruising and swelling can occur, with the bruising subsiding within two to three weeks, and the swelling subsiding more slowly. There may be mild post-operative discomfort around the incision, easily controlled by medication.

Dr. Kim offers a wide range of facial plastic surgery in San Francisco. Otoplasty or ear surgery is another popular procedure especially in younger patients. Dr. Kim is also sought out for his extraordinary rhinoplasty skills in cosmetic, revision, and functional nose surgery.