Otoplasty & Ear Surgery in San Francisco

Overly protruding ears can be a source of teasing and self-confidence problems for children. Through a simple operation, called otoplasty, the shape and position of the ears can be modified to create a normal appearance. As a well-known San Francisco facial plastic surgeon, Dr. David Kim is able to perform complex ear surgery in addition to rhinoplasty and other delicate procedures.

Although otoplasty is more commonly performed on children in the pre-school or early school age years, the procedure can provide significant benefit to adults with similar problems. If the patient has other abnormalities of the external ear, they can be treated at the same time as the otoplasty.

The incision for the ear surgery is made behind the ear in order to access the ear cartilage. The shape of the cartilage is changed through the placement of permanent sutures. In some cases, small sections of cartilage may need to be removed.

San Francisco otoplasty before & after

After the ear surgery a small dressing is maintained for a few days. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are typically mild and short-lived. Antibiotics and pain medicine are usually given for the first several days after surgery.

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