Choosing the “right” filler

“With so many fillers out there these days, how do I decide which one is right for me?”

I hear this question frequently from new patients, and find that they can get a bit bogged down by the sheer number of choices. To make matters worse, filler advertisements can be vague and/or misleading, while online information can range in quality from useful to completely inaccurate. For the first-time filler patient, all of this information and choice can be overwhelming.

When it comes to nonsurgical aesthetic treatments like fillers, we often have so much “fun” with them that we tend to forget that fillers are prescribed medications. Just as you would trust your primary care provider to recommend the right blood pressure medication or antibiotic, your injector should be an expert in choosing which filler to use, as well as when, where, and how to use it.

Every patient is different, so there is no one filler that works for everyone. Furthermore, different fillers are typically better for different parts of the face/body. For example, some fillers (such as Juvederm Voluma® and Restylane Lyft®) are more structured, which is ideal for areas like the cheeks or jawline. Other fillers (like Restylane Silk® and Juvederm Volbella®) are thinner, allowing them to blend nicely into fine lines, such as the vertical lines around the lips.

I am thrilled that my patients are educating themselves about their treatment options. But I also don’t want the education process to be a source of stress. You can rest assured that together, in the office, we will decide which filler(s) would be best for the goals you are trying to achieve. We may even decide that you are not currently a good candidate for filler, and that’s great too.

The good news about so many options is that it is a very exciting time to try fillers. With such a large and diverse array of choices, we can create highly individualized treatment plans for each patient and their specific goals. Gone are the days of trying to use one or two types of filler for all areas of the face and all of the many different faces. Book your consultation today and David W. Kim, MD Facial Plastic Surgery415-773-0800

By Lisa Leung, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner