Changing the Face Shape

Beauty ideals change over time and vary across cultures. There is the “Golden Ratio” that we often hear which states the closer you are to it, the more beautiful you are.

Beauty is not a perfect science and may not necessarily have to be explained by science or a formula. We have patients who come through our doors seeking a slight change to the actual shape of their face. There are some options with non-surgical treatments where we can create slight augmentation without having surgery.

  • Higher Cheekbones: They can give the illusion that you have lost weight! By redistributing where the light reflects, higher cheekbones can actually give a more youthful and slender face.
  • Botox to the Masseter Muscle: A strong jaw-line is sometimes not always what you’re looking for. In many patients we can actually slim down the lower half of the face and narrow the jawline using Botox.
  • Chin: A beautiful balanced chin can bring harmony to the face since it is an important part of the lower 1/3 of the face. Projection, lengthening or increasing width can be created with fillers.
  • Temples: A rounder and smoother silhouette brings the lines of the face in harmony. Sunken temples can create sharper edges to the upper 1/3 of the face signifying aging.

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