Building a Relationship with Your Practitioner: Communication!

Our office believes in balance and harmony when it comes to your non-surgical treatment results. We value your goals and aesthetic outcomes just as much as safety and patient satisfaction. When you come in to our office and have a consultation or even a follow up appointment, it is important for us to understand what it is that you’re looking for while making sure that we take the necessary steps to ensure satisfaction.

Effective communication is the key so that we can help you get to that ideal you had in mind prior to coming to the office. The last thing we want to do is have you looking completely different or being disappointed with your results.  Just like many patients don’t have all of their cavities filled in one visit at the Dentist, we appreciate having you take a slower approach by coming in over several visits before reaching your optimal outcomes. Some patients are concerned that their fillers may look strange and unnatural, but by keeping things balanced, slow and communication open throughout the process it is unlikely to happen. Talk to us, ask questions and tell us what your concerns are. We value this at each and every visit.

If you are ever thinking about injectable procedures then reach out for a complimentary consultation. We want to hear from you and see you while you smile and speak during the assessment to make recommendations specifically for you.  We pride ourselves on our experience and skill but also our ability to listen and take things slow. Working collaboratively with you our patient is a vital step in ensuring success!