FILLERS – What’s In and What’s Out…

By now, most cosmetically minded people have heard about aesthetic fillers—those magical injectable gels which plump up the lips or smooth out wrinkles and folds.  For years, “collagen injection” was the catch-phrase, as this naturally existing component of the skin’s dermis was the main option for filling.  But so much has changed in the world […]

A good skin care regimen can maximize facelift results

The same regimen we recommend for overall anti-aging skin care maintenance will also greatly augment the results of a facelift. In general, a facelift improves the structure and volume of the face. Skin treatments enhance the finish and surface. A good physical sunblock is one of the key players. Reduction of UV exposure will greatly […]

The sunny weather is here… you MUST protect your skin…

Now that the weather is starting to get nice again, it’s natural for us to start to think about getting outside more…. BUT before we get out the swimsuits and golf clubs, we should all remember to protect the most “sun-vulnerable” part of our body….our skin! Not only is our skin our protection against the […]

Fat Transfer vs Sculptra

Q:  FAT TRANSFER vs SCULPTRA I am a 43-year-old triathlete looking to replenish volume to my face. After consulting with several plastic surgeons, most recommended fat transfer and one recommended Sculptra. I am hesitant to have fat transfer because of its unpredictability, high cost, and the fact I don’t seem to retain fat very well […]

Dr. Kim’s thoughts on how his view of his role as a facial plastic surgeon has changed over the years.

The past: Early in my career I thought that being a plastic surgeon was all about making people look better.  Face-lifts, nose jobs, cosmetic office procedures—I viewed these as tools to enhance a patient’s beauty.  After having had the privilege of treating thousands of patients, my views on this have shifted quite a bit.  In […]

Nothing Can Replace A Facelift…

A patients asked me the question, “Is there a non-surgical face lift that works?” I am in my early 50s with drooping facial features.  I pray that someone tells me that a non surgery face lift is available — alternative that doesn’t require going through lots of recovery.  Maybe I can get away with treating […]

Don’t Worry, Your Normal Smile WILL Come Back

One patient asked the question, “When will my smile return to normal after my Rhinoplasty? I am a post-op for Rhinoplasty.  I’ve been recovering pretty quickly and I haven’t been having any problems really, other than this:  I’ve noticed that after my surgery, my smile changed.  Now, whenever I smile, my top lip doesn’t go […]