Rhinoplasty and Ear Cartilage

Rhinoplasty can sometimes involve the use of ear cartilage. In this video Dr. David Kim describes the use of ear cartilage in rhinoplasty and discusses the safety concerns of patients. After you watch be sure and leave a comment or a question.

Rhinoplasty with Rib Cartilage Explained

Learn how rib cartilage can be used in rhinoplasty to create a strong and beautiful nose. After watching the video please leave us a comment or question below. We love hearing from you and we will answer all questions.

Our Rhinoplasty Symposium in Dubai

I have recently been asked to serve as scientific course director for the first Dubai Rhinoplasty Symposium. Set for December 3-5, 2009, the Inaugural Symposium will serve as an opportunity for US plastic surgeons to teach and exchange ideas with rhinoplasty surgeons in the high demand countries of the Middle East. Along with four other […]

Triangle Shape, The Perfect Nose?

 A common question that we get from our rhinoplasty patients is “What is the perfect nose shape?” Many patients consider a triangular nose to be ideal, but is the triangle shaped nose really the perfect shape? Watch the above video as Dr David W Kim answers this question and explains why you may or […]

Removing a dorsal hump involves more than you might think

One patient’s asks the question ….”I have an otherwise perfect nose, except for a huge dorsal hump that I developed after entering highschool. I am now 18 and looking to get a nose job.” My answer….It is tempting to think that one can simply “chop off” a dorsal hump on the bridge of a nose. […]

Rhinoplasty Surgery: 5 Reasons Why Experience and Expertise Matters

It is fairly obvious that people want excellent outcomes from their surgery.  What is not so obvious is that outcomes are measured differently for different types of procedures.  For example, for a fairly simple medical procedure such as a tonsillectomy, the outcome may be based on a few objectives.  Were the tonsils successfully removed?  Were […]

Nasal fillers and the non-surgical rhinoplasty Truths and Myths

There is a growing trend for patients to seek improvement to the shape of the nose through non-surgical means.  Through the use of commercially available intra-dermal fillers, some practitioners treat patients in an office setting to change the shape of the nose.  Although on surface, this type of treatment, sometimes called “non-surgical rhinoplasty”, would seem […]

Top 3 Filler Fears and Myths

Myth number 1: I will look overdone. Not true! Unfortunately, our eyes are drawn to the “overfilled,” unnatural results that we see in celebrities and in people around us. But, the best filler results are those that we don’t even realize ARE filler. My patients are frequently told things like, “You have amazing skin!” or […]

What make a nose look natural?

I firmly believe that successful rhinoplasty should result in a nose which looks like it belongs on one’s face—a nose which that person could have been born with.  This does not mean that every outcome must result in the same shape.  In fact, noses of a variety of shapes and sizes can look attractive and […]