Looking Great Without Looking “Done”

One of the most frequent concerns that new patients express to me during our initial consultation is, “I want to look natural. I’m really scared I’ll look like I’ve had something done.” This concern, though understandably a source of anxiety for my patients, is actually music to my ears! Let me explain what I mean: […]

Rhinoplasty in the age of the Digital Social Identity

In the past few years, I’ve noticed an increasing concern among many patients about how they look in photographs. In some cases, young patients in particular seem more concerned about their appearance in photos than how they look in person.   This is not surprising, given how easily photos are now taken and shared.  Also, with […]

Rhinoplasty: Structure and Surface

One of the biggest challenges of rhinoplasty is the complex three dimensional nature of the nose.  A natural, attractive nose is a soft, rounded, triangular pyramid which should reside in the center of the face.  Symmetry, smoothness, and a rounded triangular shape are the outcomes surgeons generally strive for with surgery.  The problem is that […]

Choosing the “right” filler

“With so many fillers out there these days, how do I decide which one is right for me?” I hear this question frequently from new patients, and find that they can get a bit bogged down by the sheer number of choices. To make matters worse, filler advertisements can be vague and/or misleading, while online […]

Selecting a surgeon, selecting a patient – It’s a two-way street

Most everyone will agree that a prospective patient should do some research to vet the qualifications and background of a physician before entrusting that person to their medical care.  This is especially important with complicated surgery, such as rhinoplasty, in which the margins are small and the techniques nuanced and intricate.  Patient who do their […]

Rhinoplasty Alar Base Reduction: A Tale of Two Patients

One day a few weeks ago, I performed 2 rhinoplasties back to back on two very different patients.  One was an Asian woman in her late 60’s and the other a young Latino man in his early 20’s.  As you can imagine, their noses were quite different from one another, but they did share a […]

Rhinoplasty – The Nasoseptal L Strut

The nasoseptal L Strut is the foundation of aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty. The septum serves as the foundation of the nose and has many implications in rhinoplasty. The septum is at the top of the architectrual hierarchy of the nose. Where the septum goes, so goes the nose. Dr. Kim uses photos and detailed explanation […]

The Case of Nasal Reconstruction After A Dog Bite

Dr. David Kim walks through a case study of a woman who was a victim of a dog bite on her nose. His strategy was to use a combination of skin excision and cartilage graphic. The skin on the bridge of the nose was removed in an elliptical manner in order to reduce the height […]

Reducing The Over-Projected Nasal Tip

This is Dr David W Kim and today’s rhinoplasty video blog is about one method to reduce the over projected tip. Projection usually refers to how much a tip sticks out from the nose in a horizontal direction. One of the most common techniques is to free up the tip cartilages and set them back […]

The Interface of Form and Function in Tip Rhinoplasty

Today’s rhinoplasty video blog is about the lateral wall of the nasal tip. That refers to the area just above the nostril. This is an area that is both important for appearance and function of the nose. Rhinoplasty is obviously an operation where we want to preserve function while improving appearance. Nowhere in the nose […]