The Structural Approach to Rhinoplasty – Part 7

What do predictable rhinoplasty results rely on? Nasal tip base stabilization is a technique in structural rhinoplasty where the tripod, instead of relying on scar contraction to find its final position it relies on graphing. For example cartilage would be placed between the inner limbs of the tripod, the tripod released from its connection to […]

Rhinoplasty – The Structural Approach To Rhinoplasty – Part 6

The middle vault is the part of the bridge that resides in the central portion of the nose, it often needs to be altered in order to make the area straighter or reduce a hump on the nose. The middle vault is a very important area in regards to structural rhinoplasty. Most commonly problems happen […]

Rhinoplasty The Structural Approach – Thin skin vs. thick skin – Part 5

Thin skin vs. thick skin in rhinoplasty. The difference of thick skin and thin skin in rhinoplasty is very important to understand. With thick skin it is better to expand the nose and create a contour that stretches the skin envelope so that you can see the changes. With thin skin there is more flexibility […]

Rhinoplasty – The Structural Approach – Part 4

Learn how the nasal tip underscores the importance of the structural philosophy in rhinoplasty. The attachment of the tip to the bottom edge of the septum is a very important consideration. Structural rhinoplasty distinguishes itself from non-structural rhinoplasty in that some support of the tip is recreated. By restructuring the tip loss of tip position […]