Dr. David W. Kim in San Francisco is an internationally acclaimed Facial Plastic Surgeon who uses advanced techniques and procedures that are the safest and most successful.


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Why Dr. Kim Chose The Medical Field?

Dr. Kim's Philosophy On Beauty

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I Was Not Nervous

I Can Breathe Again

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Testimonial – Vanessa

Breathing Is Not Always Easy

Page 3

Have You Seen It All?

How Do You Keep Up With New Tech?

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How Do You Treat Your Patients?

How Much Downtime To Expect?

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Many People Want Subtlety

Millions Of People Can't Breathe

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Most Drastic Example?

People Should Be Treated Well

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Reconciling Vision To Make People Happy

Results Should Reflect Individual Desires

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Talk About Philosophy On Beauty

Talk About Your Personal Approach

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The Asian Eye

The Goal Is To Make Someone Happy

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Transformation And Rejuvination

What Do You Say To Someone Afraid Of Surgery?

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Why Dr. Kim Got Into Surgery

Dr. Kim's Professional Background

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