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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

This young woman desired improvement of the appearance and function of her nose. Her case was an example of when the shape of the nose impacted both appearance and function. The crookedness and droopy tip in particular made the nose prominent while also disrupting airflow. The hump on the bridge on the side view was due mainly to the tip being droopy rather than there being excessive bone and cartilage on the bridge itself. My approach to treating her nose was geared toward straightening the bone and septal cartilage first in order to create a stronger and more centered foundation and then resetting her tip and bridge cartilages onto this corrected foundation.

This woman in her twenties requested improvement of her nose, in particular refinement of the profile appearance. In her case, the tip of the nose was quite under-projected (projection refers to how much the nose comes forward from the face). Using structural techniques, I added structure to the front of the nasal septum-the foundation which supports the nasal tip. I was then able to release the tip cartilages and reposition them forward to set the tip into a better position. Tip position was set very specifically to the goals we established together. Too much projection makes the nose looks unnatural and over-sloped; too little projection makes the tip look rounded and less feminine. A structural approach allows me to have precise control of the tip position.

Revision Rhinoplasty

This woman had undergone rhinoplasty several years prior to seeing me. She was unhappy with results, feeling that it left her nose looking unnatural and uneven. In her original surgery, the tip cartilages were bound together too tightly, creating pinching of the tip and protrusion above the bridge (which was also lowered too much). In the pre-op photos it is clear that this made the tip stand out from the rest of the nose, drawing attention to the harsh highlights and shadowing surrounding the tip. I corrected her nose by setting the tip back slightly closer to the face, restoring the contour and angles of the side walls around her tip (using cartilage grafts), and building up the septum. This resulted in her tip balancing smoothly to the rest of her nose. The tip can then “disappear” within the nose, so the nose no longer stands out from the face.

This man in his 50’s presented to me with nearly complete obstruction of his nose and the pictured deformity. He was in a serious car accident in his 20’s which caused collapse of his nose. He had corrective surgery in which a rib graft was placed over the bridge of the nose. Unfortunately, the graft was too short and positioned too high and did not create a significant improvement in function or appearance. I performed a revision septorhinoplasty using additional rib cartilage to add support to the tip of the nose and rebuild the collapsed bridge. He was pleased with the results which allowed him to breath openly through his nose with a natural pleasing appearance.

This woman underwent primary septorhinoplasty in her 20s and then sustained a nasal fracture in a car accident about 20 years later. She suffered from severe nasal obstruction and worsening snoring. She was also dissatisfied with the appearance of her nose. It appeared that the original surgery resulted in over-reduction of her bridge and unevenness and over-elevation of her tip cartilages. The injury caused a break in the bones which caused asymmetry in the bridge. I performed a revision rhinoplasty to restore function and return her nose to a natural shape. Using grafts created from rib cartilage, I reconstructed her septal foundation, elevated the bridge, lowered and re-supported her tip structures, and opened her nasal airway.

Hybrid Rhinoplasty

This young woman had a difficult problem. She had previously undergone augmentation rhinoplasty with placement of an artificial silicone implant to add height to the bridge and tip of the nose. Many surgeons use such implants as they are easy to insert and require no harvesting or shaping of cartilage to create an equivalent graft. Unfortunately, in some of these cases, the implant becomes infected or rejected by the body and can extrude through the skin of the nose. I treated her by first removing the implant and treating the infection through washing the areas out during surgery and treating her with antibiotics. A few weeks later after the infection resolved I performed an augmentation rhinoplasty in which I used grafts shaped from cartilage taken from her rib to restore her nose to a desirable shape and proportion. I strongly believe that cartilage taken from one’s own body is a better method than use of foreign implants.

Functional Rhinoplasty

This young woman desired a straighter appearance of her nose from the front and from the side. The combination of crooked nasal bones, a dorsal hump, and a severely bent septum made her procedure quite challenging. The correction required removing the excessive cartilage and bone from the bridge to eliminate the hump. I then made precise cuts in the bones to allow repositioning into the center of the face. I then reconstructed the internal and external aspects of the septum to improve airflow and straighten the nose. This involved removing cartilage from the areas of obstruction and then shaping the cartilage into grafts to rebuild the framework of the septum. The results was a straighter, more refined, and more functional nose.

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